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i feel like complaining [Dec. 9th, 2005|04:27 pm]
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]

i am alive. but it's not like anyone cares.

the feelings are mutual.some people just aren't worth my time.

ppl annoy me. superficial ppl annoy me. ppl full who are full of themselves. cocky ones. loud ones.offensive ones.immature ones....

ppl annoy me in general.at least lately. no, all semester long.

i like peace and quiet. i can't stand some ppl's shenanigans.

but a little more fun wouldn't hurt once in awhile but no cares enough for that.

i'm gonna explode one of these days.kept too much in.but that's how i am. the quiet one.

the one no one cares about. the forgotten,ignored one. the one who gets her feelings hurt. the one that is constantly stepped on. the one left behind.etc.....

the little things do count. why can't you just see? oh right. cuz no one cares.

so why should i? i quit. i'm sick of giving it my all.

what's the point of giving when you get nothing in return? or am i just not trying hard enough?

either way. i quit. b/c i have more important things to focus on.

i just need the movation.

sometimes i just think the world is out to get me.or forget about me entirely.

i am parranoid. or am i?

too many shitty things. not enough good things.

i'm in one of those moods, mostly bitchy mood. but so is everyone else.

i'm stressed out. too much to do. yet not enough motivation.finals are next week.

but then i'm outta here.

2 more semesters and i'm outta here for good.

can't wait.

for this to end.

or for a change...

just ignore me.or just plain forget me. that's what everyone else does.

this lj is pointless.i'm thinking of closing it for good.